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Welcome to OpeNotes


Welcome to the OpeNotes Wiki

A free service for you to excel in your tests and examinations. Many of you guys spend a lot of time searching the net for the perfect set of notes that matches your syllabus. Often, that perfect set of notes comes with a price tag behind it. OpeNotes, is a free wiki-based service that is created for you and developed by you in order to serve you. OpeNotes serves as an online notes service that is made just for Raffles Institution. The best feature of OpeNotes is that it is based on a wiki engine. In other words, you can edit the notes if you feel that there is anything that is missing or inaccurate. However, so as to ensure factual accuracy, our team of moderators and experts will be monitoring this site constantly.

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If you want to be part of OpeNotes as a contributor, teacher moderator or partner, please contact Vishnu R Menon at